Sharon Stone reveals her famous scene in “Basic Instinct” and narrates how her closest people sexually assaulted her


American actress Sharon Stone revealed some shocking secrets about her exposure to sexual exploitation since her childhood, right up to her Hollywood roles, as she was sexually assaulted early on by her grandfather, in addition to revealing unknown details about her famous scene in the movie “Basic Instinct.”” Basic Instinct In 1992.

In her diary titled “The Beauty of Living Twice”, Stone recounted the facts of her and her sister Kelly being sexually assaulted by their grandfather, explaining shockingly that their grandmother cooperated with the grandfather in this context, as she imprisoned the two younger sisters in the same room with her husband.

And about her controversial scene in “Basic Instinct” where she opened her legs, she said that one of the production members asked her to take off her underwear because it reflected light, assuring her that nothing would appear, so that it became clear later that she had been deceived..

Stone indicated that she later agreed to display the scene as it appeared, making the film one of the most popular films in American cinema in the same year, and it raised nearly $ 353 million. The film won many artistic awards, such as mine Academy Award وجائزتي Golden Globe.

The 63-year-old international star talked about a number of directors trying to exploit her sexually under the pretext of work.

She explained, “Sex … and not just sexual activity on screen, has been something that has been expected for me for a long time in my field.”


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