“She was envisioning a selfie” … rescuing a girl who fell in the Nile in Dakahlia


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River rescue forces managed in the province Dakahlia Today, the rescue of a girl who fell from the top of Talkha Bridge in the Nile while she was sitting on the fence of the bridge to take selfies.
Major General Raafat Abdel-Baath received a security director Dakahlia Notifications from General Mustafa Kamal, director of the investigations Dakahlia According to a report received by the Chief Police Officer Mansoura From the emergency police department, when a girl falls into the water of the Nile River passing under the Talkha Bridge in the department of the department.
The River Rescue Forces and the investigation officers headed immediately, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Shabana, head of investigations in the First Division. Mansoura International to check on her health.
An examination revealed that she was called Maryam Muhammad Adel Fathy, 21 years old, a student in the second year of the Faculty of University Arts Mansoura And the resident of the “automated slaughterhouse” area of ​​the department, and by asking her, she decided that while she was sitting on the bridge fence and taking some pictures of herself with her mobile phone, her balance was out of balance and she fell in the water and she did not accuse anyone of causing that.

The necessary record was issued for the incident, and it was referred to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation.

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