She went to her father in the Sabuh .. Show the story of Hazem Imam’s marriage and the destiny of Daoud


Dissolution of Parliament member Hazem Imam and player Zamalek club The former with his wife Qadria Daoud and their children are guests in Her Excellency Program With the artist Isaad Younes, who is broadcasted on the DMC channel, they talk about their acquaintance with each other, the first meeting between them, and the start of their love story.

Qadria Daoud talked about the beginning of their acquaintance and said I didn’t know what a football player with a firm size, and then I started to know when we started getting to know each other and we didn’t know we would go down and the issue was difficult and the best need is that the relationship was very fast from the beginning of the engagement.

She added that there was a shelter in Maadi, and we wanted Najib a famous one, and there was a singer in it, but it was not empty, and she said to them, we talk to Hazem Imam, I didn’t know him, but my friends knew him, and my age was what I saw and I did not know.

Hazem Imam said about the beginning of their acquaintance, and he said she called this one time and I told her that you brought my number from where she said, and then she spoke to me like this once so that we go to the shelter, and then I finished the exercise and saw it for the first time in Syria Street in Mohandessin, and my form was strange and strong.

After that, I found myself interested and found her brain close to my brain and a destiny. She did not have a strong exit, but she loves to go out and she loves to bloom, but she is not at Night Life and she has traveled and needs things with her love, and you didn’t think and I love the people who comfort me and I met her not a woman and I love the six drapery.

He continued his words and said, “I said to a mother who has someone in it. She said her name to me, what I said,“ Qadriya ”. She said the name“ Gharib and a little old. ”


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