Sherif Desouki: I was tied for 20 years and broke up, and this is the secret of my depression Video


Artist Sherif Desouki revealed the circumstances he went through in the past period, during which there were rumors that he was placed in a psychiatric and neurological health facility, and that he had a certificate of child treatment.

During his meeting with the journalist Amr Khalil and the journalist Reham Ibrahim on the program “From Egypt” on the CBC channel, Sherif Desouki said: I am like any Egyptian citizen. ! “I became depressed two times, because life was in its beginning, and I took the matter as long as I chose this, and there is nothing else left.”

Sherif Desouki explained that he is not currently influenced by the subject, indicating that he suffered a foot injury during the past eleven months, while filming his latest work, “Mama Pregnant,” so he stopped working, but he is completing a project on the ground that proves that he was busy in work.


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