Shocking details and reasons regarding the dissolution of the Saudi Al-Nasr Board of Directors


Shocking details and reasons regarding the dissolution of the Saudi Al-Nasr Board of Directors

The Saudi Ministry of Sports issued its decision to revoke the membership of Safwan al-Suwaiket, the president of Al-Nasr Club, and prevent him from running for the presidency and membership of the Board of Directors for one election cycle.

And I decided to appoint Abdullah bin Nasser al-Dakhil to run the affairs of Al-Nasr Club, pending the approval of a new board of directors and the opening of candidacy, starting from Monday.

Regarding the reasons for the decision, “Fi Al-Marami” revealed the details and reasons behind the dissolution of the Al-Nasr Board of Directors.

The program confirmed that the president of the club Al-Suwikit had terminated the contract of the Portuguese coach, Roy Vitoria, without having in the treasury of the Saudi club what would cover the costs of the penalty clause resulting from this step.

In addition, a crisis occurred with the Al-Taawon Club regarding the transfer of its player Abdel Fattah Adam, as Al-Suwaiket wrote checks without being covered by the balance of the club’s bank account, and the cooperation submitted an objection to these checks.

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He also concluded the transfer of the Argentine midfielder, Betty Martinez, with a contract provider without having in the bank account of Al-Nasr club what covers the costs of the deal.

He pointed out that the Al-Nasr administration did not respond to the Ministry of Sportss letter last November, in which the ministry requested the financial details of the contract for the “Marsool Park” stadium and how its rental would be financially secured.

The program pointed to the failure of the Al-Nasr administration to solve the case of the Brazilian Giuliano, which caused the player’s contract to be annulled and the “global” treasury loaded with an amount exceeding 20 million Saudi riyals.

In addition, the Al-Nasr management issued a statement that the board of directors accepted the resignation of Abdullah Al-Dakhil, the club’s CEO, without holding a meeting of the board, which is a big mistake.

Source: “Agencies”

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