Side effects mean the success of the Corona vaccine … What if you do not have a reaction after the vaccination?


Can Corona vaccines can cause temporary side effects,, According to the experts, it is a good sign, because it indicates that your immune system is alerting and preparing you in the event of infection with the Coronavirus.

Side effects of vaccines
Side effects of vaccines

If you do not suffer from side effects, does this mean that the vaccine did not work?

According to a site report “thedailynewsonline“Infectious disease experts said the short answer is no, and there is no evidence that the lack of side effects means that the person who was vaccinated is not protected against the Coronavirus.

In clinical trials, less than half of vaccine recipients reported moderate or severe attacks of side effects, such as fever, headache and fatigue, and according to those studies, some of this prevention of disease occurred in people with mild or no side effects.

According to doctors at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, they said that vaccines still work even if you do not have side effects, while many of them have side effects, many of them are not.

What do the side effects of vaccines mean?
What do the side effects of vaccines mean?

The Public Health and Science Committee of the American Academy of Family Physicians said that most modern vaccines cause few, if any, side effects, but generally work well with either side effects or not.

The rates of different side effects differ slightly in each of the Corona vaccines, and in those that require two doses, the effects tend to be more common after the second dose.

According to the report, with the vaccine that a company made PfizerAnd BioNTech For example, 3.7% of the trial participants between the ages of 18 and 55 reported a fever after the first dose, 15.8% reported a fever after the second dose, and half of the subjects reported a headache after the second dose, but most were Moderate or mild.

All of these effects are transient and generally last for a day or two, and in rare cases a serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis occurs within minutes after the injection.

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