Silver Teeth by Ahmed El-Sakka and Kohl Amir Karara … Notes on the Promo of the Strangers’ Seed (video) news


Synergy Company has launched the official advertisement for the series “Nassal Al-Agrab”, starring Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara, and it is supposed to be shown in Ramadan 2021.

The number of views of the promo surpassed 30,000 a few hours after it was launched on Youtube.

The following is a review of the most prominent notes on the “Alien Seed” promo

The promo begins by focusing on the image of two banks of a small branch of the Nile, and there are two houses on both banks, one on a green bank and the other on a completely barren bank.

– “A world in which Assaf and forgiveness of the stranger remains a forest.” A female voice comments on some of the bloody events that take place between “Assaf” Ahmad al-Sakka and “Forgiveness” Amir Karara.

Ahmad Al-Sakka and Amir Karara appear in the Saidi jilbab.

Ahmed Al-Sakka appears with silver teeth, and in the context of the promo, it appears that he lost his silver teeth in one of the battles.

Amir Karara shows his eyes.

See- “One lost his beloved and the second was Dafen Qaraibeh” … the official promo of the series “Nosl Al-Aghrab” (video)

– “One is imprisoned, he lost his beloved, and the second is to see Dafan Qarayebh.” The female voice continues to comment on what happened from the prison of Asaf and the loss of relatives to Forgiveness.

– “Each one of them wants to show his tongue to the other and tell him you chose me,” with the appearance of the artist Mai Omar, who plays the character “Jalila”, clarifying that there is a struggle between Assaf and forgiveness for her.

– The animals keep their place in the scene, so Ahmed Al-Saqqa rides the horse while he keeps a karara as a lion to feed him with his mouth.

– Three lions appeared in the promo, one of them real and two of them as statues painted in gold, appearing in Amir Kararas palace.

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