Singing, Zina and Zgharid .. A woman is holding a divorce ceremony for her husband in front of his house .. Watch


A video clip was circulated on the social networking site Instagram, which does not exceed a second, and a woman appeared in it, wearing an abaya and a black hood, and stood in front of a house said to be the home of her ex-husband, as she celebrated the separation by releasing decorations and chanting, to express her joy.

A comment was attached to the video clip in front of the husband’s house in Saudi Arabia, saying Hi at the door of their house.

Among those comments was a person who said I hate what is permissible to God, but God alone knows the extent of her suffering that I let this joy rejoice and celebrate, God blesses it with good wherever it is, and another person commented saying, Oh my life, God completes her joy for the best of the movement that has connected with it.

And another person commented saying, Whatever the divorce is, what is a good thing so that you can celebrate it, and this indicates a lack of it that many celebrations increased in cases of divorce and separation between spouses, God guides the situation among all.

And during the last period, many ways have spread among spouses to express their joy in separation, that is Divorce ceremony Including the celebration of a Tunisian couple of divorce by taking a selfie in front of the court and confirmed that they are not a failure, but marriage is a failure and disappointed.


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