Six groups are forbidden to go out during the dust storm … the most prominent of whom are patients with sensitive chest


Dr. Hany Al-Nazer, former head of the National Research Center and a consultant of dermatology, confirmed that some groups are forbidden to leave the house today during the dust storm, which the country is witnessing in a number of governorates across the republic, most notably the elderly and children.

Al-Nazer added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day,” that the list of those banned from leaving the house today Allergy sufferers With all its types, whether chest, skin or eyes allergy, as well as sinus patients, the list also includes people with sensitive skin to avoid complications from this storm on them.

Al-Nazer pointed out that patients with eye diseases such as eye inflammation or those who have performed eye surgeries soon, such as removing white or blue water, must not go out of the house, stressing that anyone who has performed operations soon using lasers to fix skin defects not to leave the house also in light of these Dust storm.

The Ministry of Health and Population provided a package of advice to protect citizens from the negative effects of the dust storms that struck the country over the past hours, especially patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women, people with allergies and chest diseases..

The Ministry of Health and Population said: We aim to avoid complications in conjunction with the instability of weather conditions, as it advised that vaccinations and medicines that strengthen the body’s immunity be taken for the groups most vulnerable to disease, namely children under 5 years old, people over the age of 65 years, pregnant women and those with chronic diseases..

The Ministry advised to stay away from strong odors such as perfumes, air fresheners, dust and car exhaust, and to take care of warm drinks and drink more water, noting that it is preferable not to go out of the house on days when storms and dust are spread except for urgent circumstances, provided that the nose is covered and heavy clothing is worn, It is also preferable to stay away from pets, especially those that have thick hair, as they lead to irritation in the airways.


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