SolarWinds hack details on emails


The Associated Press reported that hackers suspected of working for Russia gained access to an email account belonging to the former head of the US Department of Homeland Security, responsible for cybersecurity, in hacking SolarWinds.

The Associated Press report quoted by Reuters said that the intelligence value of the hacking of Chad Wolf, the acting former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and the e-mail accounts of officials in the department’s cybersecurity staff were not publicly known.

The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a SolarWinds Corp security breach that appeared in December, hackers hacked the US tech company’s network management software and added a code that allowed them to spy on end-users.

According to the report, the hackers penetrated nine federal agencies and 100 companies.

Last week, it was reported that the Biden administration’s planned executive order would require many software vendors to notify their customers from the federal government when companies have a cybersecurity breach.


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