Sony unveils important technologies for PlayStation fans


Sony unveils important technologies for PlayStation fans

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Sony has revealed the specifications of the new joysticks that it is developing for fans of virtual reality games from the owners of the famous PlayStation platforms.

Looking at the pictures and designs published by the company for the PSVR 2 arms, we note that each arm has a hollow ball-shaped grip and on the handle inside there are movable and fixed buttons similar to those found in the current traditional PlayStation grips.

According to the developers at Sony, the new arms got special technologies improved to increase the interaction of the grips with the intensity of touch to give players a more realistic feeling with virtual reality games, as well as that each grip is equipped with special sensors installed underneath that are able to monitor the movements of the hands and transfer them to the helmets that are attached to the The head to convert these moves into similar in-game virtual moves.

The PSVR 2’s right grip has the “x” button, the circle button and a movable button, as in the PlayStation grip, while the left grip has a movable button, the square and triangle buttons, and the power button.

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According to Hideaki Nishino, programmer and developer of PlayStation platforms at Sony, the prototypes of these arms will soon be tested with developers, and their launch will constitute a quantum leap in the world of virtual reality technologies.

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