Sophias digital artwork was presented at auction


Robot Sophia, whose first artwork is presented at auction next Wednesday, said that she is drawing inspiration from people for her work and is open to future creative partnerships with humans, where a digital artwork will be sold, which came in the form of a non-exchangeable token (NFT). In the first auction of such pieces jointly created with artificial intelligence (AI).

NFTs – a digital signature preserved in blockchain books that allows anyone to verify the ownership and authenticity of the items – has become the latest investment frenzy, with one artwork sold this month for nearly $ 70 million, and Sophia said in her studio, speaking in a soft voice. People love my job, and I and humans can collaborate in new and exciting ways going forward. ”


Sophia, which was unveiled in 2016, produced her art in collaboration with the Italian digital artist Andrea Bonacito, who is 31 years old, known for its color pictures, some of which are depicted by famous people, such as Elon Musk, CEO-CEO of Tesla, and she has collected several robots. Times of Bonasitos work, art history, and its materialistic drawings or paintings on various surfaces in a process that its creator David Hanson describes as “iterative episodes of evolution”.

“We use transformer networks and genetic algorithms in my art and other types of computational creativity,” Sophia added. “My algorithms produce unique patterns that weren’t in the world before, so I think machines can be creative.”

The digital work is known as “Sophia Instantiation”, and it is a 12-second MP4 file showing Bonacetos image evolution into Sophias digital painting, and accompanied by a physical artwork that Sophia drew on a hard copy of her self-portrait. After the auction, Sophia will interact with the winning bidder, to study His or her face, and add the final inspired brush to the artwork.

This would serve, says Hanson, “to make it a unique work of art that includes the new owner’s data and this personal connection, at that moment in time.”


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