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Suad Abu Al-Nasr is the best investigative reporter in “Akhbar Al-Youm”, in the days of Tahani Ibrahim and her senior colleagues, headed by the great writer Ibrahim Saada .. These investigations were able to change cultures and customs in Egypt..It was supported by Ibrahim Saada with his mighty pen, changing the laws in the People’s Assembly. .. She was the one who fought most press battles in the seventies and eighties .. And it was a tremendous energy that transcended the limits of time and space!

Suad Abu Al-Nasr supported all journalistic ideas and projects at the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties, and joined to work on it .. The newspaper Al-Wafd was published from Today’s News and collected and printed there .. and joined the founding team, under the patronage of Ibrahim Saada, to serve the experience of his friend and his countryman Mustafa Shradi .. and the ideas glowed. Suad Abu Al-Nasr, and I shared the ideas and implementation of the team!

And when I wrote an article about Professor Abbas Tarabili, “the last of the founding fathers”, Souad Abu Al-Nasr blamed me for saying that Mr. Saeed Abdel-Khaleq had invented the idea of ​​the bird .. She said: “Why are you writing this way? Fawad Basha had decided to spend a reward for choosing the name, and she gave it up .. So I said to her: We do not write history, professor, but write our feelings towards the departed, and the man used to write and edit it for twenty years, and all Egypt knows that he is the “bird of the delegation” .. So Souad was not convinced. And she said, please, correct people!

It actually happened that we were in the elections of the Journalists Syndicate, on such days as Abu al-Nasr told this story, and I asked Professor Abbas about it, and he said it is true .. This is the truth, my son … in the way that those close to him know .. I said, but Souad did not announce her name like Muhammad Abdul Quddus and Majdi Muhanna, may God have mercy on him .. She may have attended weekly meetings and share ideas .. But she does not write investigations in her name like Magdy Muhanna, and she does not write news like Muhammad Abdul Quddus .. And certainly she did not announce her circumstances, but the world knew its days that she was with us, and the Minister of Interior Zaki Badr knows that!

The surprise is what Abu Al-Nasr mentioned that Zaki Badr used to give her the news to the bird and this information is on her responsibility .. and it seems that the ministers were sending news to each other .. Therefore, readers believed the news, because it is accurate news about the government .. and people were waiting for the number of the delegation Weekly Wednesday evening for the bird!

My disagreement with Suad Abu Al-Nasr was that the bird was a privilege for the delegation, not for Said or for Souad..When the bird came out of the delegation, to other newspapers in which Saeed worked, it died..the world had changed, and the press center no longer wrote in the late Mubarak era. Suitable for this time .. Everything is happening now live, and despite this it is a necessary word to prove the right of “Abu Al-Nasr”, and even I fulfill my promise to it to correct the incident, which was confirmed by “Tarabili” in his life!

In conclusion, I hope that I have performed the trust .. and therefore the door to discussion on this issue will be closed!

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