Stars from Zamalek insist on leaving due to the grinding financial crisis … the whole story


A state of tension has dominated the stars of the Zamalek club, whether in the football team or the futsal games, due to the crisis Finance bClub.

Some of the soccer team players began studying to leave Zamalek during the end of the season due to intense fear of not getting their financial dues.

A new crisis arose during the next few hours, especially the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi contract with Zamalek, after the player refused to sign the new contracts, extending his contract for two seasons, in accordance with the agreement concluded with him by the officials of the committee in charge of managing the club’s affairs.

Although Zamalek officials agreed with Ferjani Sassi to extend his contract for two seasons that end at the end of the 2024 season, his agent insisted that the new contract should be for three seasons, not two seasons, This is in order to give the matter more moral and material stability to Ferjani Sassi, and that the extension for two seasons will make him less stable during the coming period, as well as the necessity to resolve Things Financial Especially after the attractive financial offer he received The player From One Gulf clubs, while the player’s agent’s request has arisen, that his new contract be free of tax rates and he is What you refuse Financial Committee.

While officials of the Zamalek club decided to postpone the file of renewing the contracts of the trio Ashraf bin Sharqi, Ahmed Sayed Zizou and Abdullah Jumaa, as the priorities of the current stage were set, to arrange the situation, and the disbursement of all players’ dues was placed at the top of the priorities of the White Council, which made the matter more difficult for the trio to start In the study of leaving during the next period in the event of non-renewal.

A new crisis for the halls sector came after the players received part of the arrears dues, and the difficulty of providing new amounts for contract extensions, about nine players from the team and influential elements whose contracts expire at the end of the current season, and they are: Ahmed Al-Ahmar, Wissam Nawar, Muhammad Ramadan Hitler and Muhammad Ali And Hisham Al-Sobky, Ali Hisham, Mustafa Khalil, Ahmed Hussam and Ahmed Moamen, and that the renewal file will be resolved and they will be given the presenter of the contract.

The scene was also led by the men’s basketball team, the plane and the junior sectors, so that the position of the appointed committee was extremely difficult, which actually prompted some players from the halls sector to communicate with the agents and prepare a show from one of the Egyptian League clubs.


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