Steps .. How can you share a Tweet via Instagram Story on iPhone?


Twitter is now allowing some iPhone users to add tweets to the Instagram Story from the Twitter app, as this can be done quickly and easily if you have an iPhone – but note that this feature is not available for all iPhone users at this time.

Once you add a tweet to your Instagram Story, you can resize and move it around before sharing it.

How to add a tweet to your Instagram story?

You can add a Tweet to your Instagram Story as long as the Tweet you are trying to share is public, this means that it should be visible to the general public on Twitter, and not something that was posted on a private or protected account, and you will also need to log into your Instagram and Twitter accounts on the device you are using. You use it, keep in mind that this method currently only works for some iPhone users at this time.

1. In the Twitter app, select the Tweet you want to share on the Instagram Story.

2. In the Tweet you want to share, click the “Share” icon, which looks like an arrow pointing upwards.

3. In the menu that appears, under the Instagram icon, click “Instagram Stories”.

4. The Twitter app will now disappear, and in its place, the Instagram application will open with a new draft of the Instagram story.

5. You can now interact with the shared Tweet as if it were a sticker, and you can move it by clicking and dragging the Tweet, or you can change its size by swiping your fingers together or away from each other.

6. Finalize the Instagram Story as you want it to appear, and after that, you can choose to share it with all your Instagram followers, one person, or a group of multiple Instagram users.


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