Strong winds for a week … the Met calls on citizens to take all measures (details)


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The Meteorological Authority announced the activity of wind movement in Cairo and the governorates for the next 6 days, starting from today Wednesday and extending to Monday, corresponding to next April 5, and it caused an increase in the feeling of extreme cold with the fall of light to moderate rain in a large number of coastal cities, Cairo and the governorates of Al Wajh Marine.

Meteorologists called on citizens to take all possible measures and precautions to limit the expected effects of the expected and volatile weather phenomena taking place in the country in the coming days.

Meteorologists predicted average precipitation will fall on Wednesday on the northwestern coastal cities at intermittent periods of up to 60% in the governorates of Matrouh, Sallum, Alexandria, Baltim and Rashid, while light to moderate rains will fall on the northeastern coasts as well as the governorates of Lower Egypt at intermittent periods of up to 40% with Chances of light rain tomorrow evening on areas from

Temperatures today, Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Greater Cairo: The Greatest is 19 and the Small is 11 degrees.

Alexandria: Maximum 18 and Minor 13 degrees.

Tanta: the maximum is 19 and the minimum is 11 degrees.

Matrouh: the bone is 17 and the minimum is 13 degrees.

Siwa: the maximum 20 degrees and the minor 8 degrees.

Port Said: The maximum is 19 and the minimum is 14 degrees.

Zagazig: the bone is 19 and the minimum is 12 degrees.

Suez: the maximum is 21 and the minimum is 11 degrees.

Catherine: The bone is 16 degrees, the minimum is 4 degrees

Sharm El-Sheikh: Maximum 25 and minimum 17 degrees.

Weather – archive photo

Faiyum: the maximum is 22 degrees and the minimum is 11 degrees.

Minya: the maximum is 22 and the minimum is 9 degrees.

Sohag: Maximum 22 and Minor 11 degrees

Shortest: Maximum 26 and Minor 12 degrees.

Aswan: Maximum 27 and Minor 13 degrees.

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