Study: Complex Carbohydrates Help Lose Weight and Reduce Belly Fat


When it comes toWeight loss Choosing the right diet becomes the most important thing to achieve this goal, and not all carbohydrates are harmful. There are complex ones that are rich in nutrients and contain a high percentage of fiber that the body needs to produce more energy, maintain stable blood sugar levels, and avoid many health risks, according to Site mentionedtimesofindia“.


How can complex carbohydrates help you lose weight?

Eating a low-carbohydrate diet may help you lose more kilograms, but it may deprive your body of the nutrients necessary to perform daily activities. Instead of stopping eating them altogether, you can eat Complex carbohydrates Rich in fiber that helps boost the metabolism process because it contains fewer calories than bad refined carbohydrates, which cause digestive problems, weight gain, raise blood sugar levels, make you feel hungry, and increase cravings for high-calorie foods.


The relationship of healthy carbohydrates to reduced feelings of bloating

According to a study published in the journal (Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology), It found that people who consumed high-fiber carbohydrates did not have Flatulence Compared to those on a low-fat diet, therefore eating healthy or complex carbohydrates can improve digestive health and significantly reduce bloating.


Good carbohydrates help reduce visceral fat

Stubborn visceral fat is mainly concentrated in the abdominal region, which may lead to chronic heart disease, but eating more good carbohydrates and reducing high-calorie foods along with regular exercise may contribute to a significant reduction in fat concentrated around the abdomen. .


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