Successful surgery .. Hamdi Fathy begins treatment .. and a long absence


Hamdi Fathy, the average of Al-Ahly Square and the Egyptian national team, underwent surgery on the left forearm, to start the treatment phase after the injury he had recently suffered.

Fathi left the stadium for the match between Egypt and Kenya in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, injured, as his country lost him in the final match in the qualifiers against Comoros, as well as his Al-Ahly team, which is preparing for the decisive stage in the African Champions League groups.

Hamdi Fathy underwent surgery under the supervision of Dr. Ashraf Nihad Muharram, the consultant orthopedic surgeon, and the Al-Ahly player’s case required the use of medical strips and nails, in addition to a spinal nail to treat the fracture.

Regarding the period of absence, the attending physician confirmed that Hamdi Fathy may need 70 days (10 weeks), or the period may be reduced, at best, to 8 weeks, before returning to participate with his team normally.


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