Suddenly I found myself in the sixties with no children or permissible children


King Muhammad Mounir confirmed that he did not mean not to marry or have children, repeating: “Suddenly I found myself in the sixties, but on the idea that I am not opening the door, may I marry tomorrow after him, God knows best.”

Al-King explained during his interview on the program “Her Excellency”, that singing saves him at all times, in sadness and joy, and it was narrated that on the day of his mother’s funeral he entered the bathroom and found himself singing an expression of intense sadness inside.

Mounir revealed, in an unexpected surprise, about the football club that he is currently supporting, that he was a fan of Zamalek, but currently he loves Al-Ahly players.

He added that he used to support the Al-Ahly team in the World Cup and continued their match against Bayern Munich.


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