Suez Canal: The Egyptian authorities are urging the officials of the “Evergiven” ship to respond to the investigations


The ship Evergreen

Photo released, Getty Images

The Suez Canal Authority started an investigation into the causes of the “Evergiven” giant ship stranding in the canal, causing it to close and disrupt navigation for about a week.

And it decided not to leave the ship’s crew, or anyone on board, for the duration of the investigation, which is expected to last between seven to ten days.

The advisor of the Suez Canal Authority, Sayed Sheisha, who is one of those charged with investigating the delinquency of the ship, explained in separate television statements that if the ship refuses to respond to the investigations, it will turn into a civil case, and he will have reservations about it and its contents, and the length of litigation in this case may extend to about two years.

The investigation includes, according to Sheisha`, a former marine captain, to clarify the position of the ship’s captain and whether he had responded to the instructions of the Suez Canal Authority before its delinquency.

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