Sulafa Mimar: “The Seventh Neighbor” is an exceptional experience … and I did not feel myself in the “Sarai Abdeen” | Video


Syrian actress Sulafa Maamar said that the Egyptian drama has witnessed a quantum leap starting in 2011, at the technical level, and at the level of performance, and the quality of the texts covered.

During her meeting with the journalist Dina Howeidq on It’s Showtime, Sulafa Maimar referred to a distinguished experience in the Egyptian drama, saying: The beauty of Egyptian drama is the diversity in it, so we find production related to the Main stream, and alternative and independent production experiences.

She added: One of the series that I find wonderful and a very exceptional experience is “Seventh Neighbor”, which presented new faces, some of whom were not actors. The directing and writing of the script were joint, and the production case was very experimental. The whole region is going through a difficult time in terms of drama, but there is no doubt that Egypt is the basis for this industry.

Regarding the reason for her refusal to participate in the “Sarai Abdeen” series, she said: I did not feel myself much in the role. The work was very good, with great productions and great names and I love them all, but I didn’t feel like the role would do me anything.


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