Surprise | “Pfizer” arrives at a new treatment for Corona in the form of tablets


It has become known to all the problems that countries face in transporting and storing doses of vaccines against the emerging corona virus, most notably that they require certain temperatures, and other difficulties that some countries face in transporting vaccines.

From this standpoint, Pfizer has sought to discover a drug to treat Corona, which is medicinal tablets, that will greatly contribute to the ease with which millions of people around the world can obtain a treatment for the Corona virus, which has claimed millions of lives since its spread in 2019.

The company revealed, in a statement today, Tuesday, that it has begun conducting human trials on the new treatment it has developed, which is taken when the first symptoms of Covid-19 appear.

The statement indicated that if the human trials of the new treatment are successful, it will be possible to circulate these tablets, which will contribute to reducing the chances of exposure to Corona complications, and preventing its spread.

The chief scientist, “Pfizer”, Michael Dolstein, pointed out that the company is studying the possibility of giving the drug to healthy people to prevent infection with the virus, according to the agency “Bloomberg” of America.

He explained that the drug will be given to the patient twice a day for 5 consecutive days. He added that if the drug trials on humans are successful, Pfizer will start a much larger trial for the second and third phases in the second quarter of this year, and it will apply for emergency use permission from the Food and Drug Administration during the end of 2021.

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