Surprise .. Zamalek topples Carton in this case


Former Zamalek coach Ayman Abdel Aziz blew a big surprise about the future of Frenchman Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team in Qalaa Al-Bayda, confirming that the tripartite committee in charge of managing Zamalek club affairs intends to overthrow Carton in the event that he does not win against Mouloudia Algeria and bid farewell to the CAF Champions League from The group stage.

The former Zamalek captain confirmed in media statements that he had spoken with one of Zamalek officials, and told him that Carteron brought him to the African Championship, so what if the team left? Abdel Aziz indicated that the response of the Zamalek official to him was that Carton would be overthrown in the event of an African exit.

Ayman Abdel Aziz indicated that he sees a repeat of the 2005 scenario happening again in Zamalek club, indicating that the white fans are the most wronged in that case.

French Patrice Carteron returned to lead Zamalek in his second term, succeeding Jaime Pacheco, the former coach of the White Castle, who was dismissed due to the decline in the team’s results in the recent period.

Zamalek’s position worsened greatly in Group Four, after it became necessary for it to beat Mouloudia Algeria outside home in the fifth round, then beat Senegalese Tongeth at Cairo International Stadium in the sixth round, in addition to Tunisias Esperance victory over Mouloudia, where Zamalek occupies third place. In the group ranking table with a score of two points.

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