Symptoms of the third wave of Corona injuries … a new episode of Walid Clinic


The new episode of the Walid Clinic program, which is broadcast on the seventh day television and presented by colleague Walid Abdel Salam, reveals the Ministry of Health and Population’s status, a new definition of cases of infection with the Coronavirus, including all clinical symptoms of disease diagnosis.

According to the Walid Clinic program, the new definition divided the cases into suspected, probable, and confirmed cases.

The program said that the suspected case is that a person suffers from one or more of the following symptoms: –

Severe respiratory symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath).

A high temperature of more than 38 degrees.

A sudden loss of the senses of smell and taste.

The Walid Clinic program said: The suspected case includes a reserved patient with severe acute respiratory disease “sari” who suffers from a high temperature of more than 38 degrees, and a cough, with no other causes during the last 10 days from the date on which symptoms appeared.

The possible cases are a suspected case with any of the following conditions present within 14 days before symptoms appear.

The new definition clarified that a confirmed case is a suspected or potential case that has been laboratory confirmed to be infected with a pcr analysis with “Covid-19” infection, or by a “rapid antigen” analysis or what is called a “rapid test”.

The definition also included the diagnostic characteristics of corona infection according to the type of radiation used, whether plain or CT scans.


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