Symptoms that do not come to mind … A study reveals what Corona did to infected people


The young woman, Samar Khan, for example, was infected with the new Corona virus, last fall, when she was twenty-five years old and was in good health.

But as soon as weeks passed since the infection was diagnosed, Samar, who lives in, began United StateYou feel a strange mixture of symptoms.

Samar suffers from blurred vision, in addition to a ringing in the ear, while all the smells to her are similar to cigarettes or sterilizers.

The unrest did not stop there, but Samar felt a tingling sensation in the leg, while her hands began to shake as she put cosmetic powder around her eyes.

The young woman said that she also had what is known as “brain fog”, and when she tries to answer a call from work, she feels as if she has just got out of general anesthesia.

When she was discussing political issues with her husband, the injured woman says that she did not remember the things he was talking about.

At the end of last year, the young woman, who was diagnosed with Corona, was transferred to a clinic specialized in Neurological disorders Caused by the disease “Covid 19” in the city of Chicago.

This clinic used to follow up and help hundreds of those who reported these strange symptoms after infection with the emerging corona virus that appeared in China, in late 2019, and then turned into a global pandemic.

And the clinic receives 60 new cases every month, either by means of communication or in person, according to the “New York Times” newspaper.

This clinic published a detailed study on the long-term effects on the nervous level of the affected person With the emerging corona virus.

This study included people who were infected with the emerging corona virus, but they did not get sick and did not need to enter the hospital in order to receive treatment for “Covid 19”, and the young woman Khan was among them.

The study found that 85 percent of those affected experienced four or more neurological disorders such as brain fog, headache, twitching, muscle pain and dizziness.

And the researcher specializing in neurological diseases, Igor Koralnik, explains that some of the injured were very active in their work and life, but they felt suddenly unable to continue what they were doing, with ease, as a result of Corona.

The average age among these people is 43, meaning that they are not elderly, which raises an alarm about long-term effects that lie in wait for Corona sufferers, and they are still unknown or not given enough attention.

In a previous study conducted in California, it was found that a third of people who had long-term symptoms of Corona, such as shortness of breath, coughing and abdominal pain, did not experience any symptoms during the first ten days after the diagnosis of infection.

Among the worrisome things, many of those who suffered long-term symptoms were not hospitalized after being diagnosed with Corona, that is, they were not a serious condition.

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