Tariq Al-Ashry: Corona was entering the formation with Al-Masry and I was dismissed from the vanguards


Tariq Al-Ashry, the former coach of Talaea El-Geish Club, confirmed that he did not fail with the Egyptian club, and the difficult conditions he faced were what caused his failure to succeed with the Port Said club.

“I did not fail with the Egyptian club because all the circumstances were against me, and all the players were infected with the Corona virus, and the Corona virus was destroying the formation,” Tariq Al-Ashry said during his interview with the journalist Ahmed Schubert on the “Ontime Stadium” program broadcast on the On Time Sports channel.

And Tariq Al-Ashry added: “I decided to get a rest period after the difficult period I went through and after my satisfactory conditions and my infection with the Corona virus, and the Vanguards of the Army gave a distinguished performance in front of Zamalek and Al-Ahly in the Egypt Cup last season, but the lack of success behind the decline in the results.”

And Tariq Al-Ashry continued: “Corona was what I meant, after Al-Masry, 8 key players were injured in Corona in the army, headed by Muhammad Bassam and the two reserve guards, and we lost some matches with the players’ mistakes and individual mistakes.”

Tariq Al-Ashry explained: “The Al-Tale’aa administration thanked me after the training session and accepted that with open arms, but was shocked frankly, and I needed more time with the Vanguards of the Army to restore the team to victories and I am the type of coaches whose fingerprints appear after a while, and my fingerprint was evident with all the clubs that I trained.” And the clubs think that I am suspended from training, which is not true, because Al-Tale’i was the one who fired me.


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