Tariq Al-Ashry: Facing Kenya outside the land is easier, and this is the most appropriate formation


Tariq Al-Ashry, the former coach of Talaia Al-Jaish club, confirmed that the team’s confrontation against Kenya will be easier than the last match, which ended in a draw, and the opponent must be respected to win it, to settle the qualification.

Tariq Al-Ashry said, during his interview with journalist Ahmed Schubert on the “On Time Stadium” program broadcast on On Time Sports: “The team overcame the stumbling blocks that fell in at the beginning of the qualifiers with a draw with Kenya and Comoros, and Husam Al-Badri included the best shining elements in the current period in the past. This camp. “

Regarding the most appropriate formation of the team, Tariq Al-Ashry said: There is no dispute over the presence of Al-Shennawi as the main goalkeeper in front of Kenya, and Muhammad Hani and Abdullah Jumah are the best fit for the two backs in the absence of Ayman Ashraf with the presence of Hijazi and Al-Winch in the heart of the defense, and Al-Nani and Tariq Hamid are the best currently in the middle of the stadium and in front of them is Muhammad Magdy Qafsha , In addition to Mohamed Salah and Trezeguet, who barricaded the two wings behind Mustafa Mohamed, who is very close to the way Amr Zaki plays.

Tariq Al-Ashry explained: “Booker expected my success in the field of training when he was coaching me in the Alexandria Federation. He helped me very much and was organized and liked work and success, and I was keen to follow the German league so that I could learn from it.”


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