Tech site: Google is about to radically change the way the web works in 2022


The technical site “Wired” stated that Google, the world’s search engine giant, is about to radically change the way the web works.

According to the site, the first half of next year 2022 will see the Chrome browser abandon the cookies on which a large part of the digital economy is built.

The site described the plan to abandon cookies as controversial, as browsers competing with Google seek to build alternative systems to prevent Google from getting everything in its own way.

Competitors plan to use email-based tracking systems, and to collect more user data directly.

The technical site noted that Google’s plan to stop cookies in Chrome is a big problem, while Safari and Firefox browsers put restrictions on the tracking method for years, but they did not have the same influence as “Chrome” as the largest browser in the world.

Google has announced that it will stop tracking users through searches that are made on the Internet to sell targeted ads.

The plan is part of Google’s larger privacy initiative, known as the Privacy Sandbox, which aims to develop standards to boost web privacy.

The tech giant’s plan to phase out user tracking of targeted ads comes as Apple prepares to launch a feature that requires apps to obtain user permission before tracking their data across apps and websites.


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