Test of the augmented reality helmet of a Russian Su-57 fighter pilot


The Augmented Reality Helmet is currently being tested, which will assist the pilot of the Russian “Su-57” fifth-generation fighter in piloting the plane and directing its weapons to the target, a spokesman for the Russian Unified Aircraft Corporation announced in an interview with the Russian “TASS” agency, reported by Russia Today.

The spokesman explained that the company’s specialists are currently testing the target indication and indication system integrated with the pilot’s helmet, and that would ensure the information on the helmet’s glass as well as symbols required for the use of various types of air weapons and data received from the various thermal and television sensors installed in the plane, which enables The pilot was able to monitor what was happening outside the fighter, day and night, and in various weather conditions, as well as while performing complex maneuvers in the air.

It is noteworthy that the “Su-57” fighter for the fifth generation is designed to destroy all types of air, land and sea targets, and the fighter flies at supersonic speed. Its weapons are distributed inside the fuselage, and the fighter is characterized by stealth from radars and is equipped with a radar that protects it from enemy air defenses.

According to the agreement signed with the United Aircraft Corporation, the Russian Air and Space Forces will receive 22 fighters of this type by 2024.

As for the total number of “Su-57” fighters to be delivered to the Russian Air and Space Forces by 2028, it will reach 76 aircraft.


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