The accused of harassing the girl of al-Maadi causes the victim’s mother to cry: “I treat my children well.”


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Counselor Sami Zain El-Din, President of the Criminal Court, asked the accused of indecent assault on a girl in Maadi about his treatment of his children.

The defendant replied, saying: “Treat them well,” and his response caused the audience to astonishment, and the victim’s mother crying.

The session was held under the chairmanship of Counselor Sami Mahmoud Zain Al-Din and the membership of the advisors Ashraf Muhammad Issa, Muhammad Muhammad Muhiuddin, Kamel Samir Kamel, and the secretariat of Sir Sherif Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Farouk.

On Wednesday, the Public Prosecutor’s Adviser was ordered to refer a suspect accused of kidnapping a 7-year-old girl who was jailed to the Criminal Court.

A statement by the Public Prosecutor stated that the accused “circumvented to lure her into a property with the intent to keep her away from the eyes of the censors, so she responded to him, and that felony was accompanied by another felony, which is that at the same time and place he violated the display of the child by force by his elongation to the areas of chastity of her body.”

The Public Prosecution established the evidence for the accused with the testimony of 4 witnesses and the statements of the victimized child, and the proven technical comparison and comparison between the image of the accused and the one attributed to him, which appears in the photograph of the incident and what was revealed from the photography.

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