The American company “Nike” sues the company producing “the diabolical shoes”



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The hype over the “satanic shoe” that contains human blood has turned to court, as Nike filed a lawsuit against the company that produced it, accusing it of violating its commercial rights.

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“NBC News” reported that the American company “Nike” had filed a lawsuit against “MSCHF”, which, in cooperation with rapper Lil Nas X, offered 666 pairs of “demonic” sneakers with a drop of human blood, produced on the basis of Her sneakers, accusing her of trademark infringement.

And based on that, the so-called “diabolical shoe” is a modified “Nike Air Max 97” sneaker, as a five-star has been added to the original version, and the air bubble in the sole contains a drop of blood mixed with liquid.

The shoe also contains the inscription Luke 10:18, referring to chapter 10 of phrase 18 of the Gospel of Luke, which talks about the fall of Satan from heaven.

The company “MSCHF” has stated that the sole of the “demonic” shoe contains a drop of blood taken from its workers.

It is worth noting that all 666 pairs of sports shoes that were produced were sold on Monday shortly after they were shown, and the price per pair was $ 1018.

It is noteworthy that the lawsuit was filed against MSCHF “only, and the famous rapper Lil Nas X was not mentioned as a defendant.”

The lawsuit complains that the “demonic” sneakers have caused calls to boycott the products of the “Nike” company, motivated by the erroneous belief that this same company has permitted or agreed to sell such shoes, while Nike categorically disavows any relationship with the “shoe” Satanic. ”

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