The anniversary of the departure of Widad Hamdy .. was killed by 35 stab wounds because of 250 pounds


Today, Friday, the anniversary of the departure of the artist Widad Hamdy, as she left our world on March 26, 1994, where she was treacherously killed by the Regiser who inspired her to a new role, so she received him in her home and stabbed her with a knife several times, to be surprised after killing her that she had only 250 pounds.

Wadad Hamdy was born in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate. Widad presented nearly 600 works, between films and plays, and through multiple roles. She studied at the Acting Institute, but graduated from it two years later..

Barakat presented her in the movie This Is My Father’s Ganah, and she worked in the Egyptian national troupe, and she played Scheherazade instead of Aqila Ratib, and then she worked in other plays during that period, including Aziza and Younis..

Among her most famous plays are Umm Ritaiba, 20 Farka and Deek, ten on the door of the minister, and a game called Love. Among the series that Gwayish worked with, the directors limited her to the role of the maid with a light shade.

Among her most famous films are those who dance on the ladder, oh my dear, we are all thieves. And four girls and an officer, and you have a day, O oppressor.


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