The arrest of Israa Emad’s husband’s brother and his mother in the attempted murder (investigation details)


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The security services in Alexandria managed, today, Wednesday, at dawn, to arrest the brother of Israa Emad’s husband, his mother, in response to the Public Prosecution’s decision to arrest them, to investigate the incident of the attempted murder of Israa Emad, and the incitement of the husband to kill her, and they were referred to the Public Prosecution to initiate the investigation with them. Counselor Ashraf Al-Maghrabi, the first public attorney for the Montazah Prosecutions in Alexandria, ordered that they be detained pending investigations until the investigations are received about them, and the attorney general ordered the seizure of the taxi used in the accident and examined it with the knowledge of forensic experts, to show its effects.

The Prosecutor of the First Montazah, under the supervision of the Counselor, Omar Al-Rakibi, Chief Prosecutor of Al-Muntazah, continued today, Wednesday, the investigation into the incident of a driver assaulting his wife, known in the media, as “Israa Emad”, and she was seriously injured and injured. She was subsequently transferred to a hospital in the east of the city to receive the necessary treatment.

The Chief Prosecutor listened to the statements of the defendants (Hanan S.A.), the mother of Israa Imad’s husband and his brother, known as “Tito”, as they were accused of attempting to kill “Israa Imad” with incitement.

The order to arrest and bring the aforementioned came because of what the victim had decided in the investigations and accusing her husband of causing her injury, which is described in the report of the East Medina Hospital, and “Israa” decided during the investigations that the suspect’s brother was tightening his pain during the assault on her and then told him, “This is not what we agreed upon.” His mother told him to “wrap it in a sheet and throw it into the sea.” The chief prosecutor decided to seize them, indicating whether or not there is a criminal agreement between the defendants.

The two defendants denied the charges against her, and decided not to incite the first accused to injure his wife, and that they were not present with him during the incident.

As for his mother, she decided that she went out from the balcony of the house and confirmed that her son should take his wife to the hospital to save her.

As for his brother, he confirmed that he “went out” to the street after his brother’s assault on his wife and helped him transport her by taxi to the hospital to rescue her.

Upon hearing their statements and presenting them to Counselor Ashraf Al Maghrabi, the general attorney for the Montazah Prosecutions in Alexandria, he ordered the defendants to be detained for early presentation to the Public Prosecution until the investigations received about them

The victim, Israa Imad, had confirmed in the investigations that there were differences between her and her husband, and that his family had interfered with their private lives, which increased the gap of differences between them.

On the day of the accident, she agreed with him to return to the house and went to him at three in the morning to reconcile with him, but she was surprised by the occurrence of differences between him and his mother because of her unwillingness to complete the reconciliation between them.

“Israa” added that she was surprised when her husband assaulted her with a kitchen knife and mutilated her face, then took her to the hospital for treatment.

Israa accused her husband’s mother and brother of inciting her to be killed and causing her injury, as they incited the accused and provided him with the knife that attacked her.

As soon as the victim’s statements were completed and the investigations were presented to Counselor Ashraf Al Maghrabi, the first public attorney for the Montazah Prosecutions in Alexandria, he ordered the accused to be detained for 4 days pending investigations on charges of attempted murder.

The Awal Al-Montazah Police Department received a notification from the hospital in the east of the city, stating the arrival of a woman with several injuries to the face and separate areas of the body.

The investigation officers moved to the hospital and it was found that the injured woman was named Isra Imad Habashy, 19, a housewife. She accused her husband (Muhammad M.), 24, a driver, of assaulting her and causing her injury, and the police report decided that the reason was marital disputes between them.

The Public Prosecution received the report of the investigations investigation into the incident, which confirmed its authenticity, and the accused, her husband, had assaulted her with a white weapon, which resulted in her injury described in the report of the East City Hospital, of which the Prosecution received a copy.

Immediately, the attorney general issued an order to arrest and bring the victim, who had previously been released by the prosecution pending investigations, until the investigation was received, and the report of the victim’s hospital was received.

The accused was arrested and subjected to an investigation session at the Public Prosecution office

The husband was arrested and the record 11786 of 2021 was drawn up in the first misdemeanor of Al-Muntazah, and by referring to the Public Prosecution, the accused confessed to assaulting his wife due to marital disputes and her assault on him by insulting and insulting what provoked him, so he assaulted her and caused her injury.

The pioneers of the social networking site “Facebook” circulated the story of Israa on a large scale, and the incident turned into a trend on the social networking site “Twitter” in Egypt, as activists launched the hashtag under the title “The Right of Israa Imad”, demanding an investigation into the incident.

While more than one group has been established on the social networking site “Facebook” with more than one title, including “Israa Imad’s Right” and “Israa Imad’s Right Where?

Iman Habashi, the victim’s aunt, said that “Israa” married the son of her father’s wife, and moved to the marital home on Abu Solaiman Street, in the second Raml Police Department department.

Habashi added that “Israa” had a baby she called “Malik” and her life with her husband was stable, before her father separated from her husband’s mother, “mother-in-law”, and disputes erupted between them.

She pointed out that her mother-in-law incited her son to take revenge on his wife and threatened him to take the taxi from him and give him to his brother, saying: “The husband left the marital home … and when Israa went to reconcile with him at his mother’s house, he asked her to wait for him in the street below the house.”

She added that the husband carried a white weapon at the instigation of his mother, and stabbed her separately as soon as she saw it, and they assisted his brother by transporting her in the taxi to a hospital in the east of the city.

According to the victim’s aunt, the victim’s husband threatened to prevent her from seeing her child if she accused him of assaulting her, but the hospital security heard his threat and notified the security authorities that arrested him.

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