The arrest of Israa Imad’s brother-in-law and mother-in-law in Alexandria .. And a general decision


1:50 PM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Today, Wednesday, the security services in Alexandria arrested the brother of Israa Emad’s husband and his mother, “her mother-in-law,” in the incident of assaulting her and tearing her face and body with a “knife”.

The order to arrest and bring the aforementioned came because of the decision of the victim in the investigations and accusing her husband of causing her injury, which is described in the report of the East Madinah Hospital, with the support and instigation of his brother and their mother – according to her statements.

Counselor Omar Al-Rakibi, the first chief of Al-Muntazah Prosecution, listened to the statements of the defendants (Hanan S.A.), mother of Israa Emad’s husband and brother known as “Tito”, as they were accused of attempting to kill Isra Imad with incitement.

The defendants denied what was attributed to them, and decided not to incite the first accused to injure his wife, and that they were not present with him during the incident.

The defendant’s mother said that she went out from the balcony of the house and asked her son to take his wife to the hospital to save her, while the husband’s brother confirmed that he went to the street after his brother assaulted his wife and helped him transport her by taxi to the hospital to save her.

Counselor Ashraf al-Maghribi, the first public attorney for Al-Muntazah Prosecutions, ordered that they be detained pending investigations until they receive investigations into them, and the taxi used in the “taxi” accident was seized and examined with the knowledge of forensic experts, to show its effects.

The beginning of the incident dates back to when Al-Muntazah Police Department received the first notification from the East Madinah Hospital in Alexandria, last Friday, stating the arrival of a girl named Esraa Emad Habashi, 19 years old, a housewife, with separate injuries to the face, chest and head.

By asking the victim in the investigations, she accused her husband of assaulting her with a white “pocketknife” weapon due to marital disputes, so that her husband was arrested.

The accused, called “Mohamed M.” Driver, admitted that he had committed the incident, saying: “You blindfolded me and cursed me, and so because I hit her,” justifying his crime due to marital disputes – before denying his statements and the charges against him before the Public Prosecution.

The report No. 11786 of 2021 was issued for the first misdemeanor, Al-Muntazah, and the Public Prosecution launched an investigation, and ordered the husband to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigation for attempted murder.

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