The ball in Egypt is one pole


Artist Hani Shaker, the captain of the musical professions, expressed his deep sadness about what is happening to Zamalek Club in the current period.

Hani Shaker said, in a telephone interview with the program “In the Joule” presented by the journalist Ahmed Jamal, on the “Al-Hadath Today” satellite: “Very sad about what is happening to Zamalek Club at the present time, and I refused to appear in the media, because of what the club is going through.”

He added: “Three boards of directors of Zamalek were dissolved, since 2005, in contrast to the Al-Ahly club, its council was dissolved in 2013, in which Taher Abu Zaid, Minister of Youth and Sports at that time, left, and Al-Ahly Council continued as a specific council, to maintain the club’s stability, and the same thing happened. With Majlis Mahmoud Taher. ”

He continued: “Why did the officials not do with Zamalek, as happened with Al-Ahly, but this confirms that the ball in Egypt is one pole.”


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