The Basketball Union announces … Al-Ahly is considered a winner and Zamalek is fined


The Egyptian Basketball Federation announced the decisions taken by its side regarding the confrontation of Zamalek with Al-Ahly in the preparatory stage of the Egyptian League, which was canceled yesterday, Monday.

Al-Ahly was scheduled to be a guest at Zamalek in Mit Uqba on Monday evening, but the meeting was canceled by the observer’s decision due to the presence of fans of the White Castle inside the hall.

And according to the Egyptian Basketball Federation, it was decided to consider Al-Ahly to win the match with a score of 20-0, to get full confrontation points, while Zamalek gets one point.

The text of the penalties in the Egyptian Basketball Federation statement came as follows:

– Considering Al-Ahly winning the match and defeating Zamalek

Signing a fine on Zamalek club, amounting to 30 thousand Egyptian pounds.

– Transferring one match for Zamalek outside its home club.


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