The cinema “honored” … he put his money in a belt around his waist and died penniless


The artist Mohamed Kamal Al-Masry was known by the name “Sharafnath,” who chose him for himself through one of the characters he embodied in one of the plays.

“Sharaftanath” was born in a street off Muhammad Ali Street on August 11, 1886, and he showed a talent for acting at a young age. He joined the Salama Hegazy troupe.

As for his personal life, it reveals many information, the most important of which is his distinction of being stingy and keen on money, to the point where he pushed him to put all his money that he owned around his waist and go with it anywhere, and no one knew where his home was, so they were forced to reach it through the coffee that he always sat on.

Sharafnath quickly agreed to any role he was offered, even if he was young, but he decided to retire immediately after his return from the Hajj, and his last film was “Hassan, Morcos and Cohen” in 1954.

Muhammad Kamal Al-Masry got married, and fate did not tell him to have children, and despite his keenness for money, he went bankrupt in his last days, and lived in a small room in the Al-Qalaa neighborhood, and did not find the price of his treatment after suffering from “asthma”.

Muhammad Kamal al-Masri died on October 25, 1966, and no one knew of his death except when the union employee came to hand him over the pension, and he had died a few days ago.


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