The clearing team will settle the technical director’s file within 48 hours and reveal 6 candidates


Bakri Selim, Executive Director of the Egyptian Clearing House, revealed the latest developments in the file of the new technical staff of the Fayoumi team, after the departure of Ihab Jalal from the team to take over the technical responsibility of the Ismaili club. We learn from Brazil, Egypt, the owners of the first African championship. We responded to Jalal’s request to return to his home and was dismissed even if we do not like to say dismissal, but we sent him a reply of thanks.

He added: There is a committee dedicated to selecting the new coach, Mukhtar Mukhtar from among the candidates, Mohamed Odeh, Azimah and Ismail Youssef, and among the candidates is a foreign coach.

He concluded: The announcement will take place within 48 hours, and Diaa Al-Sayed is also a candidate, and there is confusion in choosing the coach, and this will depend on the financial aspects and the device that will be appointed.

Clearing officials revealed that the management of their club settled on contracting with a foreign coach to succeed Ihab Jalal in training the Fayoumi team, after the latter’s departure to take over the technical leadership of Ismaili, during the period of suspension of the league.

The source indicated that the clearing department wants to contract with a trainer who is not less than technical Ihab JalalAnd he has a fingerprint with the teams he trained, indicating that if we do not find a foreign coach that matches the aspirations of the Fayoumi team management, a local coach will be hired.

AndTariq Hajjaj leads Clearing coach, Islam Adel “Dunga”, Director of Players’ Affairs, group clearing exercises, until a new technical director is hired, succeeding Ihab Jalal, who left to train the Ismaili in the recent period.

AndLooking for clearing officials Hiring more than one coach, most notably Mohamed Odeh, Mohamed Abdel Azim and Ahmed Al-Agouz, in order to succeed Ihab Jalal in training the Fayoumi team until the end of the current season, to complete the march with the clearing.


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