The country is walking with great planning. Al-Sisi reveals his recommendations to the media


02:11 PM

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Masrawy:
Speaking to the media, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said during a press conference today, Tuesday, addressing the media, “I have a recommendation for you … From three days we were talking about the new delta, and that there are a million and a half acres within two years that we will be working for them.”

Al-Sisi added, “The news was revealed in the journal, a small need like that .. The data is on the presidential website; if you need to communicate, they will take data.”

President El-Sisi continued: The project will be with Egyptian water, and we will do a triple treatment of water according to the standards, so that it will be available for agriculture. She was throwing in the house, working in this talk, they told us two years .. And this will plant 500 thousand acres, so that you have to monitor this and talk about it in order to strengthen your country, not to reinforce it, so that you say that this country is undergoing great and strong planning.

And Al-Sisi added: The water in the New Delta project was located in El-Max, with the bathroom station fearful to be planted, in addition to the opportunity for groundwater, more than a million feddans, 500 thousand feddans in eastern Sinai, and 600 thousand in Toshka. Almost 2 million acres in 3 years, in addition to the project that we launched … this time we went in and did everything.

Al-Sisi said: I tell the investor: Come work, and you will not do anything on your own. The projects will be to reuse water, and lining canals saves 2 billion cubic meters of water.

President El-Sisi added: This is my recommendation to the media, in order to give people hope and confidence that they are capable of real change. I mean, the journal will contain a file and specialized people speak.

The president continued: The greenhouses made 100 million kilograms of vegetables and fruits, which created a form of stability in supply and prices.

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