The crime changed Ahmed Ezz .. they saw his shape after the change


The artist appeared “Ahmed Ezz Through his new movie, “Crime,” in which a new block appeared.

The artist “Ahmed Ezz” intensifies his portrayal of his scenes in his new film “The Crime”, which is announced in the upcoming Eid Al-Adha season, among several filming locations in Hurghada and its environs in the Red Sea Governorate, where it will continue until next Wednesday or the end of the week.

Using some of the people of the region for photography:

The company that produced the film sought help from some residents of the region in order to help in filming the new movie and impose a lot of order on the filming sites and the artists’ appearance, especially since the work belongs to an old era of time and the director, Sherif Arafa, wants to preserve the look of the artist, “Ahmed Ezz” and the artist. Menna Shalaby, in particular, as a surprise to the audience.

Completion of the scenes of the series Counter Attack:

After completing the filming of Hurghada scenes, the artist “Ahmed Ezz” returns to Cairo, where he completes a few scenes from his new series “Counterattack” for the show next Ramadan, and it will continue to be postponed after the rest of the series’ scenes are completely finished.


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