The crisis of Zamalek and the artist Mohamed Mounir ends with “checkmate”



The crisis of Zamalek and the artist Mohamed Mounir ends with

Artist Mohamed Mounir, nicknamed “The King”, sparked controversy over the past few hours after announcing in statements on a TV program that he retreated from encouraging the Egyptian club Zamalek.

Al-Ahly, the traditional rivals of Zamalek, published on its official account on “Twitter” a picture of the artist Mounir signing the red club shirt.

Under a comment: “To my children, all the players … My love for you is forever, and racism falls … Mohamed Mounir.”

The Egyptian club Zamalek commented on the statements made by the great artist Mohamed Mounir regarding his retreat from encouraging the White Knight.

“The real king is not a hunter of glory, the loyal fan is the real king,” the club’s official account said in a tweet on his Twitter account.

Zamalek attached his tweet with a picture of the game of chess indicating the death of the king at the hands of a soldier painted in the colors of Zamalek, meaning the artist Mohamed Mounir.

The singer, Mohamed Mounir, was known from his beginnings as a fan of and fan of Zamalek club, and his name is always associated with the white club.

His statement was a shock to the fans of the White Castle and caused their anger, and increased anger after the publication of the pictures of “King”, “The King”, signing the red jersey, and some attacked him because he was a big fan of the White Castle.

Mohamed Mounir retracted his encouragement for Zamalek, saying: “I was Zamalekawi, but now I love Al-Ahly players. I wrote on Twitter during the club’s participation in the Club World Cup and said that every Egyptian should support Al-Ahly team against Bayern Munich, even though I support the Bayern team.” Munich strongly. ”

Nasser Hatem

Source: RT


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