The crisis of Zamalek and the artist Mohamed Mounir ends with “the death of the king” (photos)


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“The real king is not a hunter of glory, the loyal fan is the real king.” This is how the official account of the Zamalek club responded to Muhammad Mounir’s announcement of his support for the Al-Ahly club, and his signature on the red T-shirt.

The official account of the Zamalek team published a picture of the game of chess, which refers to the death of the king, the nickname for which the great singer Mohamed Mounir was famous in the lyrical medium from his inception until his brilliance on the world of singing.

The announcement of the Egyptian singing star Mohamed Mounir, nicknamed “The King”, to encourage the Al-Ahly football club, after he was one of the most prominent fans of the Zamalek team, a reason for the attack of many pages of Zamalek fans on “the king” Mohamed Mounir.

Part of the crisis of Mohamed Mounir and Zamalek Club

“I was a fan of Zamalek, and in the recent period I love Al-Ahly players,” Mounir said in televised statements. The artist Mohamed Mounir announced that he was no longer a fan of Zamalek, and that he had become a supporter of the first football team in Al-Ahly club during the recent period.

A copy of the Zamalek club account

The official page of the Al-Ahly club on social media published a picture of the artist Mohamed Mounir during his signature on the Al-Ahly club shirt, to confirm his support for the club.

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