The Dark Nightingale’s childhood friend tells stories from his life in memory of his passing


“The first person to enter the lights for us, and our Lord was his provider for the sake of the poor in the village,” said Muhammad Abdel Fattah Ibrahim, 90 years old, the oldest in the village of Nightingale, and added: The Nightingale is only six months older than him, and his friend in childhood was having fun with him, and an unhappy child was leaving the little ones and having fun in Banks and canals, and in his youth, he was raised by his uncle Haji “Metwally Amasha” until he became a famous artist and our Lord was his livelihood for the poor who had a share of his money. He was the first to introduce lighting in the village during the period of Prime Minister Ali Sabri.

 Mohammed Abdel-Fattah Ibrahim, 90 years old (1)

He added: He was always in good deeds and had a wide income. On religious occasions he used to send money to his aunt Hajj “Shukri” son to distribute to the poor and buy calves to slaughter them on Eid al-Adha and the birth of the Prophet, as well as his role in establishing Zagazig University and held a large concert attended by many artists to collect Donations to lay the foundation stone of Zagazig University, build it the Al-Fateh Mosque in the city of Zagazig, and renovate the Sheikhs Mosque in the village, adding that he inherited the charitable work from his father, who worked as the muezzin of the mosque sheikhs in the village, cleans it and fills the tanks with water, and he was a good man.

 Mohammed Abdel-Fattah Ibrahim, 90 years old (2)

Today, Monday, the 44th anniversary of the departure of Nightingale Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez, who left our world on March 30, 1977, at the age of 48, Abdel Halim Hafez was born in the village of Al-Hilwat affiliated to the Ibrahimiyyah Center in Sharkia governorate on June 21, 1929, and he was the youngest son among Four siblings are Ismail, Muhammad, and Alia, and his mother died a few days after his birth, and before his first year was completed, his father passed away to live as an orphan of parents, and he lived in the house of his uncle Haji Metwally Amasha and he used to play with his uncle’s children in the canal of the village, from which he transmitted schistosomiasis. Who suffered a lot from him, and lived for a period of his life in the orphanage of Zagazig, and contributed to building the University of Zagazig and Al-Fateh Mosque in the Al-Mabara region, which the people know as the “Abdel Halim Hafez” mosque.

 Mohammed Abdel-Fattah Ibrahim, 90 years old (3)

The Nightingale shone a lot in the world of cinema and singing and presented to cinema 16 films with the most beautiful heroines of Egyptian cinema, and presented 250 songs, and among the most prominent works that remained an Egyptian imprint and symbol are: “Farewell Song”, “Days and Nights”, “Our Sweet Days”, “Nights of Love”, “The Melody of Loyalty”, “Delilah”, “A Date of Love”, “Girls Today”, “The Empty Pillow”, “The Boy of My Dreams”, “The Street of Love”, “A Tale of Love”, Girls and Summer, “A Day of My Life”, Sins, “Adham Cherkaoui,” “the idol of the masses,” “My father above the tree,” “Please do not understand me quickly,” “We are the people,” “God, our country,” “the greater homeland”, “the story of the people”, “Algeria.” “A picture”, “Ada al-Nahar”, “I swear by its name”, “The gun spoke,” “Long live the one who said,” “The star leaned on a moon,” “The cup reader,” “I love you,” “I swear by the longing”, “the star I leaned over a moon, “I am from dust,” “tree leaves,” “among the companions of flowers,” “make me a word.”

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