The deadline for submitting reconciliation requests for building violations has expired today … Know the reasons for rejection


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The deadline set by the government to submit requests for reconciliation in building violations ends today, Wednesday 3/31-2021, which are submitted in technology centers in centers, cities and neighborhoods in all governorates of the Republic, which have been extended several times before and the last March is set as a deadline for submitting reconciliation requests according to The law of reconciliation.

The Council of Ministers agreed during a meeting at the beginning of 2021 to extend the period of reconciliation in building violations for a period of 3 months, which ends today, according to the law of reconciliation in building violations and its implementing regulations, with the payment of a serious amount of reconciliation.

And she was Ministry of Local Development Confirmed that The law of reconciliation in construction violations It aims to eliminate irregular building violations and legalize the status of violators by applying to the technological centers that belong to the real estate in centers, cities and neighborhoods, to end the procedures for reconciliation regarding irregular building violations and to take advantage of the opportunity granted by the government to legalize the situation before the deadline of the specified period which it announced Ministry of Local Development.

The Law on Reconciliation in Construction Violations prohibits reconciliation in infringement of the line of organization and encroachments on the Nile River and the prohibition of antiquities or construction on land state property or agricultural lands, or construction outside the urban space except for national projects or close to the rated residential blocks and their status, as well as the case of the seriousness of the construction situation Or exceeding the established height limits.

The law allows reconciliation in construction violations for every citizen whose request was rejected to reconcile in Building Violations Filing a grievance against the rejection of the reconciliation request, as well as a grievance about the material value of reconciliation.

The applicants for reconciliation in construction violations are handed over in accordance with the Reconciliation Law in Building Violations, a form indicating their progress to reconciliation, enabling them to suspend the implementation of the rulings issued against them in the violations subject to reconciliation, until the evaluation of the reconciliation request is completed and decided upon by acceptance or rejection through the technical committees that examine the reconciliation files .

The technical committees to decide on permitting requests make an inspection of the eye where the violation is on the ground in order to verify the quality of the violations and review the real area with the area specified in the engineering drawings submitted in the reconciliation file, and to ensure that there are no structural defects in the building, and the availability of safety and protection requirements.

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