The defendant: “I am a pilgrim in the house of our Lord” … behind the scenes of 120 minutes in the case of “Child A.


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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

Over the course of 120 minutes, the Cairo Criminal Court, held in the Fifth Settlement, examined the first session of the trial of “MJ” accused of indecent assault on the “Maadi Child.”

In the following report, Masrawy monitors the most prominent scenes from the trial.

In a loud voice that the pilgrim called a “court”, at exactly one thirty in the afternoon, the session began; The presiding judge, Sami Mahmoud Zainuddin, entered the trial panel, adjusted his medical glasses, then examined some papers in front of him at the top of the podium, then allowed the prosecution to read the defendant’s referral order.

In one of the hall stands, the 7-year-old girl, known as the Maadi girl, was sitting with her family, who was overwhelmed by grief and fear, and behind the cage the accused appeared wearing a white uniform with a muzzle on his face.

The defense requests that the accused be placed in a mental hospital

The session began, with proof of the defendant’s presence, and his defense, who demanded that his client be deposited in a psychiatric hospital and prepared a detailed report on his health condition, while the president of the court rejected the attorney’s request for the accused, indicating that the accused does not suffer from any mental or psychological illnesses.

The president of the court decided to cancel the defense of the accused and to appoint another lawyer to defend the accused before the court.

Girl’s lawyer

On the other hand, the two attorneys, Muhammad Tharwat and Abdel Razek Mustafa, demanded that the girl’s defense impose the maximum penalty on the accused, which is execution by hanging, in order to bring the charge of kidnapping in conjunction with the charge of indecent assault.

The plaintiff adhered to the civil compensation, which he asserted that it is not worth anything besides what happened to the child, and directed his speech to the court, “I appeal to you to take revenge on this accused, and continued that in the event that the charge of attempted rape is charged alongside indecent assault, the penalty will be death.”

For his part, the judge responded that awareness is more important than toughening the penalty, and commented on that, saying: “Awareness is more important,” and the court ordered the removal of the accused, Muhammad Jawdat, from the dock. To hear his statements regarding the incident.

The accused: “I am a pilgrim in the house of God … and the child wants to steal me.”

The accused denied having sexually assaulted her, saying: “The girl wanted him to steal me .. and I went twice to our Lord’s house and didn’t need anything.” This is in contradiction to what the surveillance cameras revealed in the property in place of the incident for having committed an indecent assault on her victim for 7 years, confirming that the confession before the prosecution is due to it because A lawyer was not present with him – as he said – in addition to being insulted, so the judge would answer him: “Is this justified?” The judge asked the accused about the extent of his dealings with his two sons, a boy and a girl, to answer: “Very good.”

The court adjourned for tomorrow’s session, Wednesday

The Cairo Criminal Court postponed the trial of the accused to a session tomorrow, Wednesday, to assign a lawyer with the accused.

Earlier, Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy ordered the Public Prosecutor to refer the harasser of the hostile girl to criminal prosecution, imprisoned, after the investigations that the prosecution conducted with him ended, and during which they listened to the statements of the child and witnesses, as the child recognized him during the legal presentation. The charges against the hostile harasser were mentioned by the Public Prosecution in its statement, where charges were brought against him for kidnapping the victim with fraud, and forcibly violating her honor by touching the object of her chastity.

The investigations revealed that the Public Prosecution heard the statements of 4 prosecution witnesses, and established evidence against the accused through their testimony, in addition to the statements of the child victim.

The investigations also reported that the comparison and technical comparison that was made between the image of the accused and the picture that appeared in the video clip, which the Public Prosecution saw, proved a complete agreement between the two images.

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