The disappeared corpse returns to its cemetery in Beni Suef


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Hussein Abu Al-Hasan Al-Fakharani, one of the sons of the owner of the disappeared corpse from the cemetery in Al-Fashn Center in Beni Suef governorate, said, “Their father’s body was returned to its own cemetery, after holding a reconciliation session with the workers in the cemeteries“ Education ”in the presence of a number of popular leaderships at Al-Fashn Center.

Four brothers residing in Al-Fashn Center, south of Beni Suef Governorate, had reported to the police station, discovering that their father’s body, buried two years ago, was not present in the family’s cemetery in the village of Al-Ajrah, the center’s district, and moved to another cemetery that they did not know its location.

He continued, “There was a disagreement over a new cemetery, and that dialogue ended during the reconciliation session. What concerns us is that my father’s body has returned to its normal location, and that the crisis is over.”

Colonel Mahmoud Mhanna, the warden of Al Fashn Center, had received a notification from “Ahmed Muhammad Abu Al Hassan,” a driver, residing in Al Fashn city, that a number of family members went to visit the grave of their father, who died two years ago, in the cemeteries of the village of Al Ajrah, in the center’s district, and during The visit was surprised by the effects of demolishing and destroying the cemetery inside their own yard, and the absence of their father’s body inside the cemetery, and after that they contacted the author by phone, as he is their older brother, who came to the place and went to write a report at the police station.

The author confirmed in his communication that his brothers “Abu Al-Hassan, Qarni and Hussein” went to visit their father’s grave in the family’s cemetery in the village of “Al-Ajrah,” affiliated to Al-Fashn Center, where they were surprised by the demolition of the cemetery and the absence of their father’s body, indicating that he had submitted a report regarding the incident, and the record number was issued. 1002 for the year 2021, an administrative office at Al Fashn Police Station.

A family member, who asked not to be named, said, “The body was actually transferred, and it came back again after the reconciliation session, and a member of the education may be behind that incident, for a financial successor for the price of another grave among them.

The popular leaderships at the Al-Fashn Center, led by Mayor Farid Hindi, Mayor Osama Hosni, and Sheikh Rida Muhammad Abdel Halim, General Director of preaching in Al-Azhar and Endowments, held a reconciliation session between the family of the sons of the deceased man and a number of workers at the cemeteries of the village of Shaqer, which ended with reconciliation between the two parties and the signing of a penalty clause of 200,000 One pound for any trespass from them again, and buying the children of the deceased for another cemetery next to their monsters for 3,000 pounds.

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