The Egyptian ambassador to Canada discusses with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Canadian province of “Manitoba”, joint cooperation


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Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, Egypt’s ambassador to Canada, met via “video conference” on March 22nd with “Kelvin Gurtzen”, Deputy Prime Minister of Manitoba Province.

According to a statement made by the Egyptian ambassador, the meeting witnessed a discussion of the situation of the Egyptian community in the canton, where the Canadian official praised the estimated contributions of the Egyptian community in supporting the province’s economy, and in providing medical care to the people of the province during the Corona pandemic, in addition to discussing ways to strengthen economic and commercial relations between the two sides. , Especially in areas where the province has a highly competitive advantage, such as advanced manufacturing, aviation and space technology, food industries, agriculture, innovative industries, energy, environment, information and communication technology, biotechnology, mining, tourism, and transportation.

Ambassador Abu Zeid added that he reviewed during the meeting the developments that Egypt is witnessing in all areas of production, services and economic growth despite the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, and with the testimony of international organizations and classification institutions, and the promising investment opportunities provided by Egypt in mega national projects and others, proposing to organize virtual events and visits for businessmen. And officials from both sides to revitalize investment and economic cooperation. The Egyptian ambassador also discussed with the Deputy Prime Minister of “Manitoba” the development in the education sector in Egypt, and plans to expand academic and research cooperation with major foreign universities, proposing a joint work plan that would contribute to increasing the number of scholarships offered to Egyptian students in the provincial universities, and expanding cooperation. Research and academic with Egyptian universities.

At the end of the meeting, the Canadian official was keen to invite the Egyptian ambassador to visit Manitoba during the coming period, to find out the existing cooperation opportunities, to visit a number of projects and to hold meetings with representatives of the private sector and members of the government and parliament in the province.

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