The end of the qualifiers … 23 qualified for the nations of Africa … and an Arab outcome


The African qualifiers for the Africa Cup of Nations ended, with 22 teams succeeding in settling their qualifying cards, along with Cameroon, the tournament’s host.

The African Nations Qualifiers witnessed the qualification of seven Arab teams to the competition in the largest outcome in the history of the competition, after five teams participated in the 2019 edition that was held in Egypt.

The Cameroon version will witness the presence of the Sudan team from the third group, Morocco and Mauritania from the fifth, Egypt and Comoros from the seventh, Algeria from the eighth and Tunisia from the tenth.

Cape Verde was the last to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations, after beating Mozambique with a clean goal today, Tuesday, in conjunction with a negative tie between Rwanda and Cameroon.

The teams that qualified for the 12 groups were as follows:

1- Mali and Guinea are from Group A, and Namibia and Chad failed to qualify.

2- Burkina Faso and Malawi from the second group, and Uganda and South Sudan failed to qualify.

3- Ghana and Sudan from Group C, South Africa and Sao Tome failed to qualify.

4- Gambia and Gabon come from Group D, and the DRC and Angola teams failed to qualify.

5- Morocco and Mauritania from Group E, and Burundi and Central Africa failed to qualify.

6- Cameroon and Cape Verde from Group F, and Rwanda and Mozambique failed to qualify.

7- Egypt and Comoros from Group G, and Kenya and Togo failed to qualify.

8- Algeria and Zimbabwe from Group H, and Zambia and Botswana failed to qualify.

9- Senegal and Guinea-Bissau from Group Nine, and Congo and Eswatini failed to qualify.

10- Tunisia and Equatorial Guinea from Group Tenth, and Tanzania and Libya failed to qualify.

11- Côte d’Ivoire and Ethiopia are from the eleventh group, and Madagascar and Niger failed to qualify.

12- Nigeria from Group Ten, Lesotho failed to qualify, while the second card remains suspended between Benin and Sierra Leone.

The match between Sierra Leone and Benin was scheduled to take place this evening, Tuesday, but exciting events took place before the date of its establishment, which caused the delay of its start date, before it was canceled and awaiting a decision from the Confederation of African Football. (See full details from here)


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