The end of the tests of the Russian mission personnel coming to the space station


The Russian “Gagarin” Space Center announced that the main and reserve crew members of the Russian mission coming to the International Space Station have recently completed the required test training, and a recent statement issued by the center on the subject said, “The main crew of the 65th mission have completed the required test exercises in the ground training section that Simulates the Russian section of the International Space Station. “

According to the Russian “RT” website, during the training the pioneers trained to deal with emergency situations such as replacing devices in the station’s sewage systems, and dealing with cases of failure of the vacuum hydrogen valve in the “electron” system, or the interruption of communications between the Russian and American section of the station, or Handling fire situations in section MIM-2.

The statement added, “As for the reserve crew members of the aforementioned mission, they trained on the simulator of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and during the exercises they had to deal with false alarms in the life support systems on the vehicle during the launch phase, or deal with cases of loss of guidance during the stage of the vehicle docking with the station.” .

Russia is supposed to launch the “Soyuz MS-18” vehicle in a manned mission to the space station on April 9th. The main Russian crew for the mission consists of the two pioneers, Oleg Nowitzky and Biotor Dubrov, while the crew for the reserve includes the two pioneers, Anton Shkaplerov and Oleg Artemyov.


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