The Ethiopian ambassador announces his country’s approval to fill the Renaissance Dam within 7 years.


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The Ethiopian ambassador to Cairo, Marcus Tekle Riki, said that negotiations on the Renaissance Dam file will be resumed soon with Egypt and Sudan, to reach a satisfactory agreement with all parties under the auspices of the African Union.

“Riki” added, during a press conference at the Ethiopian embassy in Cairo yesterday, “We have not formally communicated with Ethiopia about the quartet mediation committee proposed by Sudan, and we heard about it from the media only,” explaining that Addis Ababa always focuses on negotiations and works to resolve differences in a way. Peaceful.

He pointed out that his country has been building the dam since 2011 and has been transparent to Egypt, and that it is open to dialogue and wants a satisfactory agreement for all parties, and the Renaissance Dam will not cause harm to the two downstream countries.

He explained that it is in Ethiopias interest to reach an agreement and are ready for that, adding that our goal was to fill the dam within 3 years, but we agreed to fill from 5 to 7 years, depending on the desire of the downstream countries, stressing that Addis Ababa is committed to negotiations and peaceful solutions.

In a related context, the Sudanese Minister of Energy and Oil, Jaden Ali Obaid, met yesterday evening, the head of the American mission for peace in Sudan, Donald Booth, with the participation of the European envoy to Sudan, Robert Vandol, and the meeting dealt with a number of important issues in Sudan, on top of which is the timing of the stage. The second of the mobilization of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and its effect on the Nile water level on the power plants.

“Obaid” said that the timing of the second phase of filling the Renaissance Dam, which runs from June to August, will lead to a decrease in the water level to the lowest level, which will affect the hydro-generating stations and the production of electric power in Sudan.

He revealed the efforts that his country is making these days to reduce the amount of electric energy production, as a precaution in the event that decisions are issued without agreement or coordination between the three parties, noting the importance of reaching an agreement between all parties before Ethiopia takes a unilateral decision to fill the dam.

The Undersecretary for the Electricity Sector at the Sudanese Ministry, Khairy Abdel Rahman, described the extent of the suffering that the country is experiencing in energy production due to the problems of generating water, adding that if Ethiopia decides to implement the mobilization process at the time I mentioned without an agreement between Sudan and Egypt, this will double the suffering in the sector. Electricity in Sudan due to the low water level.

The US envoy clarified that his visit comes within the framework of confirming the US interest in energy issues in Sudan, expressing his desire to exchange information to reach diplomatic solutions and build confidence between the parties regarding the issue other than the Renaissance Dam.

He stressed Washington’s endeavor to reach agreements satisfactory to all parties regarding the timing of the filling of the dam, and its support for Sudan in its democratic transformation during the transitional period.

The European Union envoy affirmed Europe’s support for the process of democratization in Sudan and its follow-up to the size of the challenges facing Sudan during the democratic transition process, reiterating the European countries ’readiness to assist Sudan in various ways to reduce the country’s suffering.

For its part, Kuwait affirmed yesterday its solidarity with Egypt and Sudan in their continuous efforts to preserve regional stability and their efforts to solve the crisis of filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, in a manner that preserves the Nile River estuary countries their water and economic rights in accordance with international laws and in a way that enables these countries to achieve their ambitions for development. .

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs added, in a statement, that the water security of Egypt and Sudan is an integral part of the Arab national security.

Yesterday, Jordan announced its absolute stand with Egypt in protecting its water rights in the crisis of the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile, this came during telephone talks between the Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, and his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shukry, according to the Jordanian News Agency. “Safadi” said that Egypt’s water security is part of the Arab national security, and that his country stands absolutely with Egypt in protecting its rights, stressing the importance of reaching a negotiated solution to the Renaissance Dam issue that preserves the rights of Egypt, Sudan and all parties.

He pointed out the necessity of not taking any steps that do not take into account the rights of all parties in the waters of the Nile, and not filling the dam outside a fair agreement on the basis of international law. He stressed that the intensive efforts made by Egypt to reach a negotiating agreement on the issue of the dam reflects its keenness to achieve justice in the distribution of the Nile water in a way that prevents tension and consolidates cooperation.

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain confirmed their support for Egypt and Sudan, while stressing that “their water security is an integral part of Arab security.” In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation yesterday, the UAE indicated its great interest and keenness to continue constructive diplomatic dialogue and fruitful negotiations to overcome any differences over the Renaissance Dam. She stressed the importance of working through applicable international laws and standards to reach a solution acceptable to all and that secures the rights and water security of the three countries, in a way that achieves security, stability and sustainable development for them, and ensures the prosperity and cooperation of all countries in the region.

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